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GIZMOTCHY® Beam Antenna Dual Polarity 10,11,6 and 2 METER All Gizmotchy antennas are made of aircraft alloy T5 aluminum tubing with" wall thickness. The ProComm Chimp open coil CB Antenna is one of ProComm's high performance antennas. Rated to 5, watts its lightweight aircraft aluminum helical design. I was just wondering what would be the best antenna to use for a 10/11 meter mobile radio? I will be mounting it in the center of my truckbox which. Stryker SR-2K 10 & 11 Meter Trucker CB Antenna · watt power handling capability · 49 in tapered stainless steel whip · 26 MHz to 30 MHz frequency range · Set. Radioddity CB Radio Antenna | PL Connector | for 27MHz 11 Meter Mobile Radio [DISCONTINUED] · Specifications: Frequency: 27MHz. Gain: 2 dbi · Compatible with. Get Your New Ampro 27MHz 11 Metre Mobile Antenna at Moonraker - Supplying Quality Radio Equipment from Premium Brands. Browse Our Extensive Product. Solarcon MaxOptimizer 5/8 Wave Heavy Duty Fiberglass Omnidirectional CB Base Station Antenna.

For my Chrysler, I found a link style bumper mount and a tapered stainless steel 11 meter whip. I opted for 1/4 wave as I wanted a 50 ohm feed line. The whip. The astro Beam Cb Antenna is an 4-element, meter true Cb quad Antenna that features a dual polarity coating, the Antenna is broad-based and can be 2. 5. Railroad radio operates in the MHz spectrum (2 meter wavelength). Your wal-mart CB antenna is a 1/4 wavelength antenna (at 11 meters), it has an.

"GOLDENROD 45" 11 METERS CB OMNI MOBILE ANTENNA 12, WATTS BROADBAND ; Brand: Lightning Antennas ; Restocking Fee: 20% ; Material: Aluminum ; To Fit: Mobile/In-. This is a – MHz 1/2 wave antenna. Covers the 11 meter band (CB) Made from Kevlar wir.. £ Ex Tax:£ Add to. Imax Optimizer base CB antenna. Solarcon Imax base cb radio antenna. List $ Only $ The Ultimate Optimizable Meter Base Station. Anttron Meter Base Antenna - Anttron Antenna Company Youngstow, Oh. C.B. Mobile Antennas · Scanner Antennas · Mounts And Accessories · Contact.

Stryker (SR-2K) - 10 & 11 Meter Antenna, Tunable, 5in and 10in Shafts, 49in Whip, Black Coil, Watt, MHz, Center Loaded, Mobile CB Antennas in. antenna types and also dimensions for 11m (vov-chr.ru above is the new site). vov-chr.ru The ultimate guide to meter CB antennas. Frequency Type: CB Radio and 10 Meter. Load Position: Bottom. Antenna Type: Whip. Power Rating: Watts. Mount and.

Designed to use on 10/11 meter bands. It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, dependin.. Based on 6 reviews. Half-wave 11 meter band (CB Radio Band) dipole antenna measuring approximately 17 feet, inches (17' ") in total length, which comes to 8 feet. The Wolf Point 50_11m is a radial less half wave (18 vov-chr.ru) vertical antenna for the 11 meter band. It is tunable to 10 or 12 meters and can easily handle.

Cb Radio Base Station Antenna Use for AM, FM, USB, LSB, Radios. Weather Tight Indoor Outdoor Design Newest Version Now Watts Maximum. Works With Any C. Description. CB & 10/11 Meter Antenna Magnet Mount. 2 Year Limited Warranty. Boxed Package. Watt Power Handling Capability (ICAS). Hembro 58" High Gain, Watt Wide Band (26 - 28Mhz) Dual Coil Twin Power Cb/10 Meter Antenna With 17/7Ph Stainless Whip. Unique Design Enables Low. HEMBRO 58 HIGH GAIN WATT WIDE BAND 26 - 28MHZ DUAL COIL TWIN POWER CB/10 METER ANTENNA WITH 17/7PH STAINLESS WHIP UNIQUE DESIGN ENABLES LOW V S W R

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CB and 10 Meter Antennas · A · Solarcon MaxOptimizer 10/11 meter - NEW MODEL - REPLACES IMAX Free Lower 48 · Wilson Magnetic Mount CB/10 Meter Antenna. end fed wire 11meter antenna if you think theses are to big, remember radio hams work on 40 meters and 80 meters. at half wave 40 meters is 66 foot and Watt CB/10 Meter High Performance Center Load Antenna With Adjoining Shaft. Stryker SRA 10, watt wide band center load 10/11 meter antenna is tunable. Watt CB/10 Meter High Performance Center Load Antenna With Adjoining Shaft. Stryker SRA 10, watt wide band center load 10/11 meter antenna is tunable. Stryker SR-2K CB Antenna. $ watt 10/11 Meter Trucker antenna. No reviews. Driver Extreme Silver Bullet Fiberglass CB Antenna | Right Channel Radios. CB-Radios and Meter Transceivers ; Albrecht AE · Albrecht AE ; Midland Alan 42DS · ALAN 42DS - Portable CB ; Mtech Legend 1 · Mtech Legend 1 Reliable. Cb, 10, and 11 Meter radios. Scanner and AM-FM Antenna Kits are also available. Both are mirror mount kits. We also have 4 Magnetic Mount CB antenna kits. Antennas for CB radio bands 11 meter. Oct 5, - This is my magnetic loop antenna for QRP operation (4 Watts or less) on the 27Mhz 11 metre CB band. I had been looking for a lightweight. Finally, a mast mount version of the 11 meter "collinear" CB antenna is available. No other omni directional CB antenna can come.
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