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Mar 15, 2020 — Mar 21, 2020

This coronavirus driven financial crisis is perhaps the worst of all time: expert

The short-term new normal for the stock market and economy brought about by the coronavirus is unlike anything one has ever seen before, suggests financial crisis historian and Harvard professor Carmen Reinhart. Not only are investors witnessing a real-life financial crisis playing out, Reinhart suggests, it’s next to impossible to predict when things in the economy and market will get better. Reinhart is also the co-author with professor Ken Rogoff of “This Time is Different”, the widely regarded book looking back at past financial crises.

Motley Fool Issues Rare “All In” Buy Alert

5 Years From Now, You’ll Probably Wish You’d Grabbed This Stock

Stocks aren’t bargains yet, but a buying opportunity will come. Here’s how you’ll know it’s here

Fortunately, there are a handful of valuation ratios in which the denominator changes relatively slowly over time, enabling us with some confidence to know where they stand now. An example is the q-ratio, which was introduced by the late James Tobin, the 1981 Nobel laureate in economics. It is calculated by dividing market value by the replacement cost of assets.

Warren Buffett’s latest advice could help you retire much richer

But Buffett’s point is worth a deeper look — as is applying that wisdom to your overall investment thinking. The problem, Buffett explains, is that company directors primarily are motivated by the money they make to sit on boards. Meanwhile, CEOs are motivated to find directors who will not challenge their decisions, especially about their own compensation.

10 Quality Stocks That Are Priced at a ‘Steal’ Right Now

It offered a list of stocks spanning all sectors that investors would want to own across a business cycle, despite potential near-term drawbacks. Some held up well in the last downturn, some enjoy a business model well-differentiated from peers, and some have strong cash flow to support appealing dividends in a low-rate environment. Here are a few highlights from the list in each sector: Communication Services Videogame stocks are less-exposed to the Covid-19 disruption and possibly even stand to benefit as people spend more time on home entertainment.

These Will Be The Best Stocks To Buy After The Coronavirus Crash

When you’re looking for the best stocks to buy after the coronavirus crash, look for those with surging relative strength lines. The RS line measures a stock’s price performance vs. the S&P 500. So the stocks with strong RS lines deserve a spot on your watchlist as we wait for a new market uptrend.

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Buy These 3 Bank Stocks Because They Will Weather a Downturn, Analyst Says

Bank stocks may be a buy, but only if investors are willing to be patient. With the KBW Nasdaq Bank Index (ticker: BKX) off more than 40% this year—roughly double the loss in the S&P 500—there is no question that the sector is in pain. First it was the fear that the coronavirus would lead to an economic slowdown, then it was the confirmation of the fact.

Forget Index Funds, Check Your Refrigerator For Stock Pick, Says Jim Cramer

There were other winners too like JM Smucker Co.(NYSE: SJM), and Clorox Co. (NYSE: CLX), the makers of bleach. Conagra closed higher by 9.98%, while JM Smucker and Clorox were up by 4.65% and 4.26% respectively. Cramer, a Harvard graduate, is known for his bullish disposition.

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Trump Considers Letting Homeowners Delay Mortgage Payments

The Trump administration is considering a plan to allow homeowners whose income was cut by the coronavirus to delay mortgage payments. Still to be decided is a mechanism for borrowers to catch up. The government also will have to determine how to advance money to mortgage servicers so that investors in mortgage-backed securities get their guaranteed payments.

Goldman Sachs: 3 Stocks to Snap up on the Dip

As you will see, Goldman estimates big upside potential of over 70% for each of the stocks covered below. This makes it easy to decide whether these stocks make compelling investing propositions right now. Overall, these stocks offer investors a rare opportunity to find high growth potential alongside a discount entry price.

Stock market opinions abound — here’s an objective way to tell when the market bottoms

As the coronavirus has spread in the U.S., the stock market has become extraordinarily volatile. Investors and professional money managers are having difficulty analyzing the stock market because there are no prior models similar to the scope of the coronavirus crisis. Here is a key question: “Is there an easy, objective way to tell when the stock market bottom is likely in?” The emphasis is on “easy” and “objective.”

Thirteen Companies Drown On Debt In Coronavirus Crash

Corporate Debt Bubble The coronavirus stock market crash is now pushing S&P 500 investors to consider the debt risk. Last year, analysts sounded the alarm over corporate debt. At this point, corporate debt already hit nearly 50% of U.S. GDP, a record.

As stock market liquidity “evaporates,” Goldman predicts lightly traded shares will provide big gains

As the major U.S. stock-market indices continue languish in bear-market territory, investors are looking for signs of a market bottom and preparing a wish list of potential bargains in anticipation of a recovery. One factor investors should consider are low liquidity stocks, according to a Monday research note by Goldman Sachs analysts, led by Ryan Hammond. On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) the S&P 500 index (SPX) and the Nasdaq Composite index (COMP) were trading roughly 30% below their record highs notched in February, in what Goldman describes as “the quickest bear market on record.”

Why Oil Prices Could Fall to $20 and Saudi Arabia Will Emerge on Top

Oil markets have been rocked by two simultaneous events. The novel coronavirus has knocked out millions of barrels worth of demand for oil, and a supply war between Saudi Arabia and Russia has added millions of barrels of supply. The supply war seemingly had more to do with a clash of personalities within OPEC and an allied group known as OPEC+ that includes Russia.

Dexcom Tumbling

Dexcom had been a standout during much of the coronavirus correction, giving up ground grudgingly with the RS line hitting new highs. But shares broke through 50-day line last week. Shares plunged Monday.

Trump may have to uncork a $1 trillion coronavirus relief package to save the stock market: strategist

The Federal Reserve has pulled out its bazooka to try to save the economy (and yes, the stock market, even if Jay Powell doesn’t want to concede that) from the black swan event that is the coronavirus outbreak. Now President Trump and leading Democrats must uncork the howitzer. Some market watchers say investors want to see a $1 trillion fiscal relief plan before wading back into a blown up stock market.

Moderna Rockets After Dosing First Patient In Coronavirus Vaccine Test

Shares of MRNA stock rocketed Monday after the biotech company dosed the first patient in a study of its coronavirus vaccine. The drug aims to use a natural function called messenger RNA to protect against SARS-CoV-2, the name of the virus that causes Covid-19. Covid-19 is a new form of coronavirus discovered last year in China.

Aurora Cannabis Founder Dumps 12 Million Shares, and Jefferies Is Not Amused

Terry Booth, the founder and one-time CEO of Aurora Cannabis (ACB), has just sold 12.2 million shares of the company he once ran — a development, says Jefferies analyst Owen Bennett, that is «not great for sentiment» about the stock. As Aurora announced in a press release Monday, «Terry Booth has filed a report on the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI) regarding his sale of approximately 12,161,900 shares into the open market . in connection with the previously announced transition of Mr. Booth’s role within the Company.» One might imagine that, because Booth is leaving the company, he’d want to cut ties with Aurora entirely, and is therefore selling off his stake in order to make as clean a cut as possible.

Bank stocks look like bargains and their dividends are safe, these analysts say

Capital strength and dividends Eight of the largest U.S. banks announced suspensions of share buybacks March 19, including J.P. Morgan Chase (JPM) Bank of America (BAC) Citigroup (C) Wells Fargo (WFC) Goldman Sachs (GS) Morgan Stanley MS Bank of New York Mellon (BK) and State Street (STT) David Konrad of D.A. Davidson said this move wasn’t necessary to shore up capital, but was important so that banks could show they wanted “to be part of the solution of the crisis rather than blamed for it. Konrad is a managing director at D.A. Davidson and a senior research analyst. During an interview, he said the buyback suspensions would have “a low single-digit impact” on the banks’ earnings per share.

Wall Street Pros Panic Over Coronavirus While Mom and Pop Buy

If you’re one of those people — a pundit, investor or active manager — who’s been bracing for passive investing and exchange-traded funds to blow up the stock market, well, there’s some bad news for you. But first, let’s recall some warnings about passive investing: But a funny thing happened on the way to this dangerous, systemic, Marxist bubble: Nothing. If ever there was a situation where the critics have told us passive was destined to fail, this should be it: the fastest bear market on record.

Exxon and Chevron are ‘dividend aristocrats’, but for how long?

As Exxon Mobil Corp. works on a plan to cut costs, investors are pondering whether Exxon and Chevron Corp. are going to forgo paying dividends for the first time in decades. Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) are the only two oil companies on the list of S&P “dividend aristocrats,” or companies that have increased their dividend every year for at least 25 consecutive years. Exxon has increased its dividend each year for the last 37 years, and Chevron’s streak is almost as long, said Pavel Molchanov, an analyst with Raymond James.

Wow! Insider Buy Activity Soars

Two weeks ago, we pointed out that corporate insiders reacted to stock price declines by increasing their purchases of shares in the companies at which they work. One week ago, we noted that the buying trend continued, and offered up the possibility that insiders might end up buying shares more often than they were selling shares – which is a rare event. This week, we are here to say that we wildly underestimated that possibility.

Boeing Bailout Plea Rattles Investors With Cash Hoard Drying Up

Reeling from both the collapse in air travel triggered by the coronavirus outbreak and from last year’s grounding of its 737 Max jets, Boeing is discussing federal assistance for itself, its suppliers and its airline customers. The talks are unfolding just days after Boeing drew down a $13.8 billion loan to bolster its reserves. Federal aid would provide a big boost, and Trump told reporters Tuesday that “we have to protect Boeing.”

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